Practical Angling Introduces Butt Dial: A Revolutionary New Fishing Product

Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Practical Angling, LLC just announced the Butt Dial. An innovative new product for anglers. The Butt Dial solves the age-old problem of keeping track of fishing line weights and styles on multiple rods and reels. The Butt Dial offers a new and simple way to solve rod and reel mix-ups forever.

“No more writing on rod handles or adding sticky tape. No more writing on reels with permanent marker,” says Chris Nehlen, CEO of Practical Angling. “Simply slide the Butt Dial on the butt of the rod. Set the line style, Fluoro, Braid, Mono, or Copol, and then set the line weight from 4 lb to 80 lb.
No more mix-ups. No more wasting line, money, and time.”

“SET IT AND NEVER FORGET IT,” says Dan McGarry, Partner and Director of Business Development for Practical Angling.

Features and benefits of the Butt Dial include.

• Set 4 of the major line styles (Fluorocarbon, Braid, Monofilament, and Copolymer).
• Set line weights from 4 lb to 80 lb test.
• Fits cork and EVA handles: standard or split grip. One inch in diameter of larger.
• No more wasting line, money, and time.
• Durable and lightweight. You won’t know it’s there until you need it.
• 7-day money back guarantee if returned in original package.

The Butt Dial will be available online August 1, 2020. FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 12 or more
Butt Dials. Contact us for large quantity discount pricing and with any questions you might have for us here at Practical Angling. For more information on the Butt Dial or to order, visit

About Practical Angling: Our operations are located in New York and North Carolina. We are an American owned company whose charter is to design and manufacture innovative new freshwater fishing accessories that we feel are missing from the fishing industry. We will deliver our products at the best price and quality to consumers. The products we design, and produce are the result of input from professional and amateur anglers. Our objective is to always improve today’s “practical angling” performance.

For more information, product photos, or samples for editorial product review, please contact us via email: practicalangling2020 ( @ ) gmail dot com or

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