PD Satish Chandra goes out of his way to support artists and technicians

P D Sathish, fondly known as Paddu from Zee Kannada’s Panduranga, is working on a Videobook series, titled Home Theater. Celebrated artists from the Kannada film and television industry are joining hands for this initiative and reading chapters from a select few books. Audiobooks have been around for decades, but it’s only in the last decade that a global market has opened up to this marriage of technology and literature. While audiobooks helped a time- strapped generation keep up with the world of words, PD’s dream for his videobook series is humbler.

The first set of recording featured the book Life is Beautiful, a collection of thoughts and anecdotes by journalist and Kannada writer Girish Rao Hatwar, or Jogi. The book has 51 chapters, including the preface, all of them just about two pages long.

Celebrated personalities like T. N. Seetharam, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Suman Nagarkar, Bhavana Mandya Ramesh and others have been a part of the read-aloud videos in the first set of recordings for Home Theater. Recorded from the comfort of their homes, the videos have been edited by Karan Ananth, director of Sathya Katha Prasanga, one of the shorts in Katha Sangama.

Home Theater II, the second in the series, is in the making now. This project too looks
promising with a stellar cast of readers like M.D. Pallavi, Achyuth Kumar, Sihi Kahi Geetha, Raj B. Shetty to name a few.
All of these artists will bring in their own narrative style to Keshava Malagi’s Angada Dhare. It’s a Kannada novel that showcases the predicament of Siddharama, a PhD student, who opts out of research to become a monk. Siddharama renounces worldliness, but it so happens that a group of devotees are attracted towards him, which soon turns into a big patron-base. He is forced to leave the place to make a fresh beginning.

Although Home Theatre is a non-profit effort, PD wants to be able to bring in some funds to
support all the technicians who have been working with him. Many of them have had no source of income ever since the lockdown was imposed. A fundraising campaign has been started on CrowdPouch to fuel this project to completion. CrowdPouch is a fundraising and preselling platform which believes that every idea, innovation or artform is deserving of a platform to showcase itself and garner the much-needed support it merits.

The campaign is already seeing some funds coming in from friends and fans alike but the
success of it depends on the support of more cheerleaders who wish to back those technicians who are the strength of Home Theater’s production team.

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