Eli Eletese – Press Release

Reaching a satisfying level of success for some requires a long journey of trials and tribulations. For many who are gifted early on in their lives the ability to bypass these struggles due their upbringing, these battles can be non-existing burden in their lives. For others, these struggles can often be a constant reminder that they will always have to work 10X harder than others to get ahead in life.Those that are blessed with struggles are prompted to understand the rule of life does not guarantee happiness. It also doesn’t guarantee that you will onlygo up against varies of battles to reach the level of happiness in the end that you desire that brings forth success that you always fought for.

Eletese Howard is a prime example of an owner of one of the rising companies in the U.S. As a retired soldier and a father, became successful through his many years of highs and lows. He believes a business is not as simple as planting a seed in hopes that it grows with abundance. It requires watering, sunlight, nurturing and in the context of business, it requires struggles, persistence, understanding and belief in the goals you have set. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting with various businesses and marketing trends in hopes of better understanding the public perspective.

Men that can garner success do not carry the value of money as being their motive. Rather, it is the desire to overcome the adversity one has face. To quote Albert Einstein “adversity introduces a man to himself”. Maneuvering through life’s highs and lows presents the opportunity to challenge self.

Eletese has operated his own business GKN International for more than 5 years, and since its production, the company has been producing the highest forms of positive reviews. From his connections and amazing results, he had been rendering services to his clients who are working in the entertainment industry, Instagram models, restaurant and food popularity, music videos, and even Gold Elite Jewelry and Pawn in Chicago.

Though financial success isn’t his motive to overcome adversity,Eletese still has managed through hisSocial Media Marketing to garner a net worth over $250,000. To achieve this level of financial success, he and his team competently excel in various areas that require Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Google etc…. For example,he pushes his team to provide the most authentic and organize Google reviews for his clients. Facebook boosts such as that of viewers, numbers of shares, and even positive reviews, he creates a strategic pattern to provide an original service without using any methods that may hinder an account or page being banned

Eletese is also goal-oriented, and always stepping forward to help the individual and families that are struggling. He states “I want to help the family in need of a job. I have been in the same situation and I don’t want others to feel the same way I did. Life is tough, you need to work to survive, why don’t I help these people to have a job?.”

Aside from being a helping hand to his employees, he also encourages his team to share ideas that can help an area of his company to provide more achievable outcomes. His team is composed of people with high competency levels and expertise who are remotely working and employed across the world in Bangladesh, the Philippines, and some parts of the U.S. His experience as a veteran information technology expert has provided him the opportunity to identify the red and green zones through online researches and brainstorming.He tackles the services the same way with the highest quality and standards to other areas such as that of the most popular social media platforms.

Eletese is always challenging himself to learn new ideas and services because he believes that being innovative and well-diversified to the rapidly changing environment, especially the evolution of tech and social media, will give him the advantage to use these toolsto elevatehis company.

Lastly, as a family-oriented man, he understands being supportive and approachable to his employees creates a welcoming, trusting environment. He treats his employees like family, and encourages them to respect one another and provide excellent, heartening services to their clients.

He is a man of strength, persistency, and dignity. He is a man with a heart of gold.

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