Award winning author JP Emerson adds newest TV host and Jet car racer Kat Redner to coveted “Power Profile” series

Award winning automotive storyteller JP Emerson gets to know the newest Destination America host Kat Redner, her amazing story and what it’s like to pilot a jet car at 300 mph!

JP Emerson and Destination America host Kat Redner go one on one with Power Profile

“Kat has star written all over her and if you think for a moment that you can judge this book by it’s cover, she’ll simply blow your doors off. Her sweet demeanor cleverly hides the ice in her veins that it takes to launch to success, and stay there.” says Emerson, whose “Power Profile” series vaulted him to 2020’s “Most Influential & Relatable Automotive Storyteller” status and continues to surge in popularity.

JP Emerson is an award winning freelance writer whose work appears in dozens of automotive based magazines and websites while providing content for television media, celebrities, blogs and brands.


JP EMERSON Journalist/Author

( @ ) The_jpemerson

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